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Basics für eine gesunde und ausgewogene Ernährung

Best Diet Plans

Loosing fat and short diet, we show you how it works

We show you all about the right approach and proper nutrition in order to loose weight. Learn more in our video guides and get some tipps from our atletes.

All about diets and loosing weight

Fitness Education with Stephanie Davis and Felix Valentino

Fitness Education

What are macro nutrients and why is the macro nutrient ratio of your nutrition so important for your workout?
Stephanie Davis is going to solve these questions together with Felix Valentino in the Fitness Education video guide.

Fitness Education

Renegade Diät by Patrick Teutsch

Renegade diet by Patrick Teutsch

Patrick Teutsch introduces the renegade diet and explains for which people it works best.

Renegade diet

Short diet- Daniel GIldner & Nina Eckert

Short diet

Daniel Gildner and Nina Eckert show what the short diet is all about and how it works.

Short diet


Low carb diets all focus on reducing of the carbohydrate consumption and reminds of the stone age, when the high carb food was not available. Consuming as less carbohydrates as possible and avoiding high carb foods are the main rules of the low carb diet.

Low carb diet

Tipps zum Abnehmen

Nina Eckert shares some tipps and tricks on how to loose weight.

Weight loss tipps

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