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Workout ideas, Motivation and more

You want to know how to achieve your goal, which metohds of training there are or how a specific exercise have to be done? Our athletes will show you how. Additionally, they will provide you with helpful information and advice all around your workout.

We do not only have informational articles. There are also workout videos in which Team ShapeYOu's athletes are going to demonstrate their methods of training. There are videos from different sections: Endurance, Gaining Strength and Building Muscles, Losing Fat, Women Fitness and Weight Training. Even if it seems as if our videos are directed at male bodybuilders only, women can profit from their advice and excercises, too. In Women Fitness our female atheletes Cornelia Ritzke and Stephanie Davis provide helpful information.

Here you can find inspiration if your workout is getting too boring and you are looking for more diversity. You do not feel motivated? Have a look at our motivational videos! Additionally, you are going to find worth knowing material and useful background knowledge. 
You get all the information necessary for a successful workout on just one Website for free!

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Motivation für dein Training


Almost every athlete wants to achieve a specific goal by working out in a respective way. You need a lot of motivation to stick to your plans when times get hard. It is very important to set yourself realistic goals, which can be achieved by training healthy.

Ideen für dein Workout

Workout Ideas

In this section you learn how to create your varied workout series. We provide useful information on how to reach the next minor goal on your way to the big one..

Women Fitness

Women Fitness

This section is especially for the women. You learn what women fitness has in common with the male one, where the differences are and why women should not neglect strength training.

Wissenswertes über Dein Workout

Workout Know-How

Here you will find all the information you need for your workout. We provide a wide range of material about planning workouts, different methods of weight training, muscle soreness and much more.

Alles über die richtige Ernährung

Get closer to your goals with a proper nutrition

Learn all about the healthy nutrition. Find delicious recipes, learn more about the basics and get familiar with advanced techniques like the Harrison Benedict Formula.

Hier bekommst du Dein Fett weg

Weight Loss

In this part we provide useful information and videos, all with the focus on losing weight. If you want to look "shredded" or have a six-pack, it is necessary to have a low body fat percentage.

Tipps für unsere Laufkundschaft

Run-In Customers

Here you will find all information about endurance. We will show you how to improve your endurance not only in the gym and introduce different methods of training.

Finde Deinen Plan

Find the perfect Workout Plan

Are you looking for some ideas for your training?
You will find full workout plans made by our athletes including nutrition and supplementation plans. Your age, genter and experience do not matter. We have plans for everyone!





Workout Motivation by Kai Greene, Jeff Seid & Alon Gabbay


Workout Motivation by Jeff Seid, Alon Gabbay, Marc Fitt & Team ShapeYOU


Workout Motivation by Team ShapeYOU


Kai Greene's Path Of The Predator Warm-Up I


Kai Greene's Path Of The Predator Warm-Up II


Kai Greene's Path Of The Predator Chest Workout


Steve Cook's Under The Wings Chest Workout


Steve Cook's Under The Wings Back Workout


Steve Cook's Under The Wings Arm Workout


Jeff Seid's Shredded Club Chest/Triceps Workout


Jeff Seid's Shredded Club Back/Biceps Workout


Jeff Seid's Shredded Club Leg Workout

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