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Motivation für Dein Training

Fitness & Bodybuilding Motivation videos

Almost every athlete wants to achieve a specific goal by working out in a respective way. You need a lot of motivation to stick to your plans when times get hard. It is very important to set yourself realistic goals, which can be achieved by training healthy. It is not healthy losing twenty kilograms within one month. However, you might be disappointed if this was your goal and you only lost 1.5 kg.

It is better to set yourself goals, which can be achieved step-by-step in the near future. A possible goal might be to bench-press additional ten kilograms in four weeks or to run three rounds instead of two. Your goals have to be reachable and not out of sight. You can set smaller goals along your way to your main one. Your main goal could be to lose ten kilograms and a minor step to lose three. Such achievements are motiviating and strenghten your pride.

Videos für die Motivation

Jeff Seid, Justin St. Paul, Alon Gabbay, Felix Valentino, Kai Greene, Ryan Terry, Owen & Lews Harrison and many more

Bodybuilding Motivation by the Harrison Twins

Bodybuilding Motivation by Harrison Twins

Motivation video with the Harrioson Twins. Get inpired by the two brothers and see what is possible with the right motivation and endurance.

Motivation with Jeff Seid and Alon Gabbay

Bodybuilding Motivation by Jeff Seid & Alon Gabbay

Motivation video with Jeff Seid and Alon Gabbay. Get motivated and push beyond your limits!

The Hour with Jeff Seid, Harrison Twins, Justin St Paul and FitnessOskar

The Hour by Jeff Seid, Ryan Terry, Harrison Twins

THE EXTRA HOUR makes the difference. Training like the others is not going to make you stand out from the crowd. Do the extra mile, train harder and you will achieve better results.


Mit Jeff Seid, Alon Gabbay, Kai Greene, Felix Valentino, Markus Rühl, Tim Budesheim and other Top Athletes


Jeff Seid: The Beginning

Jeff Seid speaks about his career and shares some helpful tipps for your training.

Make the best out of your life

Alon Gabbay explains what fitness is all about and how to reach your goals without loosing your motivation.

Motivatoin by Kai Greene mit Jeff Seid and Alon Gabbay

Kai Greene cheers the ShapeYOU Athetes Jeff Seid and Alon Gabbay at their workout and motivates them to go even further.

Jeff Sei's Timeline - Journey to the Top

Jeff Seid's Timeline - Journey to the Top

Even top athletes like Jeff Seid start small. Find out more about Jeffs first attemts and further development.

Jeff Seid's Timeline

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Find your plan

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Team ShapeYOU

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