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Fitness and bodybuilding athletes hold motivation speeches

Sometimes it feels hard to pull yourself together in order to go to the gym.

We asked some fitness and bodybuilding professionals, where their motivation comes from and how to stay motivated for a longer time

Jeff Seid: The Beginning

Jeff Seid speaks about his career and shares some great tipps for you own training.

Jeff Seid The Beginning

Make the best of your life

Alon Gabbay explains how to get best results without loosing your motivation.

Make the best out of your life

Motivatoin by Kai Greene with Jeff Seid and Alon Gabbay

Kai Greene cheers up the ShapeYOU athletes Jeff Seid and Alon Gabbay during their workout and motivates them to push even harder.

Kair Greene Motivation

Tim Budesheim: Motivation for weaker muscle groups

Junior World Champion 2011 Tim Budesheim talks about his attitude towards working out.

Motivation for weaker muscle groups

Markus Rühl: Motivation

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Markus Rühl is talking about his motivation for working out.

Marksu Rühl: Motivation

Oliver Reinhardt: Motivation speech

Multiple Mr. Universe Oliver Reinhardt's motivational slogan.

Oliver Reinhardt Motivation

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