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Get motivated for maximum performace

Motivation videos with Jeff Seid Jeff Seid, Ryan Terry, Alon Gabbay and many more

Everyone knows these days, when the biggest fight is the fight with yourself to get motivated and go to gym.

The right music or a video can help you to overcome yourself . You can literally feel the passion and dedication professional bodybuilders like Ryan Terry, Jeff Seid or the Harrison Twins are radiating during their workouts.

Everytime, when the TEAM ShapeYOU member are meeting each other new inspiring motivation videos arise.

Couple Workout with Cristina Silva & Justin St Paul

Justin St Paul and Cristina Silva show how to train with a partner effectively.

Couple Workout

100 Reps Challange

Justin St Paul, Felix Valentino, Micha Schmidt and Patrick Teutsch take part in a little competition. Who is going to win?

100 Rps Challenge

Be part of the movement

Get inspired with this video in less then 2 minues by our athletes and their well trained bodies.

Be part of the movement

Motivation overload with Sergi Constance and Alon Gabbay

The Team ShapeYOU Athletes Alon Gabbay and Sergi Constance coming togeter to give everything.

Motivation overload

Covermodels Competition with Steve Cook, Ryan Terry & Felix Valentino

Ryan Terry, Felix Valentino and Steve Cook want to know who of them is strongest. Wath their competition in order to find out...

Clash of the Covermodels

Train like a Warrior

Train like a Warrior Motivation video with Team ShapeYOU Athletes Alon Gabbay, Jeff Seid, the Harrison Twins, Justin St Paul and Felix Valentino

Train like a warrior

Bodybuilding Motivation by Harrison Twins

Motivationsvideo von den Harrioson Twins. Lasse dich von den beiden Brüdern inspirieren und schau dir an, wie weit man mit seinem Körper mit der passenden Motivation und Ausdauer alles erreichen kann.


Bodybuilding Motivation by Jeff Seid and Alon Gabbay

"The difference between whoy you are and who you want to be is what you do". Experience from close up how our athletes practice, and how you could work out, too.


The Hour by Jeff Seid, Ryan Terry & Harrison Twins

THE EXTRA HOUR makes the difference. Wenn man jeden Tag nur das macht was alle machen, wird man auch nur das bekommen was alle haben. Geh die extra Meile, trainiere länger und intensiver als andere und Du wirst bessere Ergebnisse erzielen.


Bodybuilding Motivation with Kai Green & Jeff Seid

Motivation video with Kai Greene, Jeff Seid & Alon Gabbay


Stephanie Davis Sexy Posing

Sexy Fun Posing von Stephanie Davis


Team ShapeYOU Ultimate Workout Motivation

Team ShapeYOU Ultimate Workout Motivation provides the necessary motive for your workout. Pascal, Harry, Felix and others are taking you to their gym. Get motivated.


Ryan Terry & Felix Valentino - HEART OF A CHAMPION

Day 6 Rest Day. Rest Day? Ryan and Felix are spending their Rest Day in a boxing school. Out of their comfort zone, into hard workout. It is about overcoming boundaries, getting stronger and becoming more confident. Get yourself the motivation necessary.


Posing Tipps von Steve Cook

Lerne von dem Covermodel Steve Cook das richtige Posen.


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