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Trainingplan: 4 Day Split

The 4 Day Split is mostly used by those with experience and not by beginners. You train certain muscles parts once four times a week. You should train half of a year or have trainingexperiences to continue with a 4 Day Split.

How does a 4 Day Split Trainingplan look like?

The order of the trainingdays, the regenerationsdays and which muscle parts are trained together can be chosed.

An experienced one can endure the loads easier because of the fact that those often train with a 5 Day Split, so they do not overtrain.

With 4 Day Split you train certain muscle groups once a week. It is important to have regeneration phases between the units.

Find the 4 Day Split Trainingplan, which serves you the most

In the videos you see the stars working with 4 Day Splits. It is important to change plans and excercises regularly so the body does not get used to the exercises and the loads. For the best results, you have to work out with the correct technique.


Gains Society by Justin St. Paul und Johannes Luckas

Johannes Luckas is helping the Team ShapeYOU athlete Justin St Paul to push beyond his limits

4 Days Workout Split

Lean Body for Her

Know your level and your goal and find your perfect plan.

Think Big

Doubly bodybuilding junior worldchampion Tim Budesheim presents to you his 12 weeks plan, which is separated in building and definition phases.

4 Days Building- and 6 Days Definitions Split

Muscle Commander

Together with the athlete Daniel Gildner we developed a concept, for gaining muscles and burning fat. In about 90 videos you will learn the most significant about training, nutrition and supplements.

12 Weeks 4 Days Split
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