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Trainingplan: 5 Day Split

The 5 Day Trainingplan is for advanced and profis. You should have at least one to two years of training experience, if you want to orientate on this training. You have five training days and two regeneration days per week.

How does a 5 Day Split Trainingplan look like?

Goal of the 5 Day Split is pure muscle, strength and mass gaining. Because of high intensity and little rest, this training should not be used by beginners.

In a 5 Day workout you split your musclegroups to a certain day: For example chest on monday, back on tuesday, rest on wednesday, shoulders on thursday, arms on friday, legs on saturday and rest on sunday. Every sportist can make his own plan, depending on his goals.

Find the 5 Day Split Trainingplan, that serves you

A big advantage is, that muscle groups can be trained efficiently and precisely. It is important for bodybuilders with stage ambitions or athletes who want to perfect themselves. A 5 Day Split is useful for optimating muscles and to get rid off of weaknesses.


Under The Wings with Steve Cook and Felix Valentino

Learn from the profis and train with our high-developed ShapeYOU plan, which the IFBB Pro Men’s Physique competitors, Optimum Nutrition athlete and fitnessmodel Steve Cook and ShapeYOU athlete und fitnessmodel Felix Valentino present to you.

5 Days Workout Split (Chest/Back/Arms/Shoulders/Legs)

Heart of a Champion Workout Series

Mister International and IFBB Pro Ryan Terry and ShapeYOU athlete as well as fitnessmodell Felix Valentino present to you their 12 week workout series. This power plan will demand all you have and makes you a champion.

12 Week 5 Days Workout Split + Full Body Circuit

Built by Ulisses

One of the most successful bodybuilders "Ulisses Jr." shows his trainings split and gives tipps for a healthy nutrition and more motivation while training.

5 Days Workout Split (Legs/Back/Abdomen&Chest/Arms)

Jeff Seid Owner of the Shredded Club Workout Program

Train with the most clicked plan by the youngest IFFB Pro ever, Jeff Seid. The Team ShapeYOU star athlete shows you what to do if you want to be part of the Shredded Club.

5 Days Workout Split (Chest&Triceps/Back/Biceps&Abdomen/Legs/Chest,Schultern&Abdomen/Arms)

The Path Of The Predator

Mr Olympia participant Kai Greene trains with Team ShapeYOU members Jeff Seid and Alon Gabbay. This exclusive workout video series shows you how to walk on the Path of Predators.

5 Days Workout Split (Chest/Legs/Arms/Shoulders/Back)

Perfect Symmetry

Perfect Symmetry is a trainingplan by FintessOskar, Michael Schmidt, Andre Merzdorf, Eugen Markov and Patrick Teutsch.

5 Days Workout Split (Shoulders/Back/Chest/Arms/Legs)
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