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Trainingsplan: Weight loss

Fatburning a popular topic. Many beginners and even those with experiences have problems with fatburning and weight loss. They do not know the correct nutrition and how metabolism stimulating training has to be concipated.

Our topic here is to optimize fatburning while training, not the reduction of calories or any other diets. Everyone who wants to deal with diets, should look here.

For losing fat and for getting a good shaped body, one has to adjust to the trainingplans. Many athletes for example raise their training units during the week for a more precise fatburning and for optimizing metabolism. One can for example switch from a 5 Day Split to a 6 Day one, for a better fatreduction and inferentially to a better look.

Now many of you will think, that there is not enough time for going to the gym this often. A 3 Day Split can be a successful training, too. Here you get optimal tipps and tricks on how to reduce weight.


ROSSCUT with Ross Dickerson

In the Ross Cut workout series, Ross Dickerson goes beyond his limits and tell a lot about nutrition and supplementation.

6 Days Workout Split (Chest/Chest/Abdomen/Back/Shoulders/Arms)

Under The Wings with Steve Cook and Felix Valentino

Learn from the profis and train with our high-developed ShapeYOU plan, which the IFBB Pro Men’s Physique competitors, Optimum Nutrition athlete and fitnessmodel Steve Cook and ShapeYOU athlete und fitnessmodel Felix Valentino present to you.

5 Days Workout Split (Chest/Back/Arms/Shoulders/Legs)

8 Week Curves Trainer

In the video series Curve Trainer Valeria Ammirato accompanies you with her training 8 weeks, showing you how to make your body more beautiful and and taut.

3 Days Workout Split (Push/Pull/Legs)


Workout Series Glamazon by Stephanie Davis

Fashion und fitnessmodel Stephanie Davis presents to you her Glamazon trainingplan. Train like the IFBB bikini fitness winner and be inspired.

3 Days Workout Split (Push/Pull/Leg)

Jeff Seid Owner of the Shredded Club Workout Program

Train with the most clicked plan by the youngest IFFB Pro ever, Jeff Seid. The Team ShapeYOU star athlete shows you what to do if you want to be part of the Shredded Club.

5 Days Workout Split (Chest&Triceps/Back/Biceps&Abdomen/Legs/Chest,Schultern&Abdomen/Arms)

ALL IN By Justin St. Paul

You can reach your dream body, but you have to work hard for it.

#BeLegend mit Sergi Constance

Bodybuilding and fitness is a perfect way for being prepared for life. You will see, that hard work and willpower pay off...


Lean Body for Her

Know your level and your goal and find your perfect plan.

Stop Making Excuses Workout by Cornelia Ritzke

Fitnessmodel und personal trainer Cornelia Ritzke shows her plan how to train successfully.

Fullbody Workout Series for beginners and those with experiences

The Sexy Way

IFBB Teilnehmerin as well as bikini and fitnessmodel Nina Eckert presents to you her workout for getting the perfect body.

Split Workout Series with Cardio units

Think Big

Doubly bodybuilding junior worldchampion Tim Budesheim presents to you his 12 weeks plan, which is separated in building and definition phases.

4 Days Building- and 6 Days Definitions Split
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