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Perfect Symmetry FitnessOskar


„The perfect Symmetry“ is the training series created by the well-known athletes Patrick Teutsch, Micha Schmidt, André Merzdorf, Eugen Markov and Fitnessoskar. The aim of this training series is to achieve the perfect exercises for an optimal symmetry of the body. Especially in the series it is especially important to get an exact insight into how to use the muscles from many different angles. Don't give weaknesses a chance and optimize your body with the unique workoutseries "The perfect Symmetry".

The Perfect Symmetry - your free workout plan

Arm Training - The Perfect Symmetry - Training Schedule Day 4 with Fitness Oscar

Biceps and triceps training in a workout

Many athletes train their biceps and triceps in a joint workout. This is not absolutely necessary and depends on you. Of course, you can also integrate the biceps or triceps after a back or chest workout. Fitnessoskar likes to train the arms together in one day. This allows him to concentrate fully on the entire arm section and the blood does not have to flow completely into another part of the body.

Another advantage is that you can combine exercises quickly and easily without having to change equipment. At the cable tower, you can quickly change grip positions and tackle the biceps or triceps without having to take longer breaks or wait on a device. Supersets can be excellently integrated not only to set other stimuli, but also to stimulate the metabolism, which can be a helpful support in a diet.

Arm training plan of Fitnessoskar:

  1. Exercise: Incline Dumbbell curls
    3-5 Sets
    Reps: 10-12
  2. Exercise: Ez-bar curls
    3 Sets
    Reps: 12/10/8
  3. Exercise: Dips
    4 Sets
    Reps: 12/10/8/6
  4. Exercise: French press
    3-5 Sets
    Reps: 8-12
  5. Exercise: Cable curls superset with triceps pushdowns
    3 Superssets
    Reps: max.
  6. Exercise: Rope triceps pushdowns
    3 Supersets
    Reps: max.

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