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Jeff Seid's and Felix Valentino's Shredded Club Nutrition Basics
Jeff Seid is one of the most popular fitness models right now and he is the youngest IFBB-Pro of all time. Together with Jeff we developed the workout series “Shredded Club”. It’s all about pushing yourself to the limit! In the videos Jeff and Felix will show you what it takes to reach your goals and how to be part of the “Shredded Club” – it needs passion, commitment and most important “love for the sport”. In the following text Jeff will tell you about his lifestyle and his workout.
The message is pretty simple: “Just be the best you can be!”



Jeff Seid's Shredded Pyramide

The SHREDDED PYRAMID shows you which food is the best to support you with your goals. It may look a bit like the classic food pyramid. However, to be successful at the gym there are some important differences.

I classify my foods in 3 groups, which are like the macronutitions - proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Proteins are the basis of my nutrition, because they help to build my muscle. I really like animal protein, because it has a very high biological value.

Carbs are the best source for enegy so you should not cut these out. Sweetpotatos are packed with nutrition, that is why these are my no. 1.

The third factor are fats. I always take care that I eat a lot of good fats. Good fats are polyansaturated fat acids. These are essential for hormon production and for other metabolic processes.


Your nutrition should be adapted to your needs. If you want to get the shredded look – your nutrient balance should be like this:

45% proteins – 35% carbs – 20% fat

That mix gives you much energy plus many proteins for your muscles. The fat is reduced in your nutrition – 20% is just enough for all the essential processes in your body.

To know how many grams of proteins you should eat now you need to make a calculation.
Jeff Seid's Nutrition Tip - Abs are created in the kitchen


The amount of calories you would need to get the maximum success from your training is individual and depends on many factors like what you doing besides the workout. The shredded calculator should only give you a rough orientation.



  1. Write down everything you eat! If you put everything in a list you will get a better awareness of what you eat. Just the fact that you have to write down what you eat and track calories makes you think about your meals much more.

  2. Your goal shouldn't be to lose weight as fast as possible. Losing weight the healthy way doesn't happen from today on tomorrow. When I prepare for a show, my goal is to lose a max of 500 grams a week - that way I am retaining as much muscle as possible.

  3. Know your body and your metabolism! What you can eat and how much you are allowed to eat depends on your metabolism - your body type - on the one hand and on your goals on the other. You've probably already heard of the different body types: Ectomorph - the hardgainer, Mesomorph - the normal guy and Endomorph - the strong heavy guy. You have to gain experience and use your knowledge to find your diet plan - only that way you will have the best results.

  4. Define your goal! When I am competing on stage I have a body fat of 3-4 percent. However, for the normal shredded look should have a body fat of 8-9 percent. If you are losing too much weight, you will also lose a lot of power. That's not worth it!

  5. Do your homework - get shredded! Counting calories might be annoying. After you did the entire calculation for a couple of weeks you will get a feeling of what you can eat and what you can't - than can leave that annoying math behind you. In my video I recommend a nutrient balance of 45% Protein, 35% Carbs and 20% Fat. What does that mean? You need to do some calculations or use the shredded calculator.
Jeff Seid's Nutrition Tipps
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