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Jeff Seid's and Felix Valentino's Shredded Club Supplementation Basics
Jeff Seid is one of the most popular fitness models right now and he is the youngest IFBB-Pro of all time. Together with Jeff we developed the workout series “Shredded Club”. It’s all about pushing yourself to the limit! In the videos Jeff and Felix will show you what it takes to reach your goals and how to be part of the “Shredded Club” – it needs passion, commitment and most important “love for the sport”. In the following text Jeff will tell you about his lifestyle and his workout.
The message is pretty simple: “Just be the best you can be!”



There are over thousand products on the supplementation market. Everyone promises that he has the special recipe which will make you strong as Hulk. - Forget about them! Only a few products are essential to achieve your goal. You must only concentrate on those "basis-supplements".

Like the name supplement is telling you - those products are just an assistance for your normal every day nutrition. If you are very sportive it's difficult to supply your body with all the needed nutritions - supplements will help you with that.

My "basis-supplements" are: Whey-Protein, Casein-Protein, Creatine, BCAAs and Glutamin. Whey is getting fast absorbed. That's perfect right after my workout or in the morning if my breakfast is not sufficiet. On the other hand Casein is a very slow protein. I drink my Caseinshake before I go to bed, that way I have a good protein supply the entire night. Creatin, BCAAs and glutamin are my workout supps. This combination gives power and it supports gain and regeneration.

Besides these basic-supplements I am a big fan of preworkout boosters. They are helping me to turn on the beast mode and give a lot of pump. I even developed my own booster. It will be available in aprilon the german market. It really gives you a kick - give it a try.

Jeff Seid's PRE Workout Booster

Jeff Seid's Lifestyle Advices
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