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Supplementationtipps by Justin St Paul and Johannes Luckas


What do we have all in common?
We love fitness – we love bodybuilding – the feeling, when muscles are burning and one has to make one more repeat – the motivation goes to the limits and one has to give all he has – the view into the mirror, observing the progress. We are GAINSSOCIETY.
Like in the training series All In Justin St Paul gives 100% and Johannes Luckas shows, how to surpass the limits.


Old school diet mixed with new school supplements

Johannes Luckas is a fan of the "old school diet". But we live in the 21th century so it is not forbidden to expanse his diet by a few "new school supplements".

While dieting the body is confronted with a high calory deficit so one has to protect the musculature with amino acids. The coach also swears on creatine while dieting. One gets more water reserves but creatine provides strength which is useful, especially when you are going to prepare yourself for a competition. For water draining one has to change the nutrition and supplemen plan.

With the "old school diet - Full day of eating” you start your plan after waking up with the "Wake-Up-Shake". This good morning shake contains a mix of various amino acids.

Which ´supplements in the morning?

10g BCAA Powder + 3-6g Creatine + 10g Glutamine + 2g Vitamin C + 5 g Beta Alanine + 5g Citrulline + 5g Arginine

As a snack you can eat BCAAs, if you have an physically exhausting job.

Which supplements after training?

The only known supplements of Johannes are mixed together in the post-workout-shake. We have 30g Whey protein + 5g Glutamine + 5g BCAAs + 5g Creatine.

A delicious post-workout-shake can be on a hard "old school diet" the hightlight of the day. The anticipation motivates you. You can allow yourself some delicious "new school" flavours. ;)

If you had a hard day and you need an extra potion motivation, you can allow yourself the Pre-Workout-Booster with extra caffeine. Do not forget: Booster only exceptionally - not regularly!

Justin St Paul
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