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For this video series “Path of the Predator” three of the most successful and interesting bodybuilding stars came together. Kai Greene met Jeff Seid and Alon Gabbay from the Team SHAPEYOU to show them what his workout about. Kai’s workout routine is very-very tough. It is a symbol of his life story. So enjoy watching the videos and learn all about “The Path of the PREDATOR”.

The Path Of The Predator Motivation


Everybody knows Kai Greene and everybody loves Kai Greene. This man enjoys the highest reputation in the bodybuilding scene. You might ask why… Because of his superhero physique or his very unique posing on stage?

No! Or at least these are not the only reasons for his perfect appreciation. People love Kai because of his great personality – he is a philosophical and inspirational man. Kai was born the12th of July 1974 in Brooklyn, New York. His childhood was not very easy. He grew up in transitional placement moving from several foster homes to institutional placements. It was within this environment that he found weight training as his refuge.

Due to that biographical background Kai really learned to fight. He really knows to appreciate everything he reached in his life. This positive attitude, which he doesn’t even lose when he has to suffer a setback, is what defines Kai. His message of perseverance, honesty and inspiration never changes. This life experience makes it possible for Kai to shows the right way to the people– his message: "In life, it is really up to you! You have to ask yourself what is stopping you from becoming your dreams."

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