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For this video series “Path of the Predator” three of the most successful and interesting bodybuilding stars came together. Kai Greene met Jeff Seid and Alon Gabbay from the Team SHAPEYOU to show them what his workout about. Kai’s workout routine is very-very tough. It is a symbol of his life story. So enjoy watching the videos and learn all about “The Path of the PREDATOR”.

The Path Of The Predator Workout

Before starting the workout session Kai, Jeff and Alon are doing a 60 minute warm-up. That increases the endurance and the blood flow. It induces capillary density in the off-season and burns off body fat during precontest prep. “It’s not excessive because I don’t want to burn up too much muscle, but I have to be breathing hard and sweating a lot to feel like it’s doing anything.” For Kai the cardio warm-up is not an annoying “must do” before the training. Kai loves every detail of his routine – especially the warm-up. “The Path of the PREDATOR” Chapter ONE and Chapter TWO are both parts of the Warm –Up.


The first part of the Warm Up is an abs workout plus some stretching. Easy stretching before you start the training is perfect to increase the perfusion of the muscles – it’s an important part of Kai’s warm up. Kai does 2 rounds of this warm-up: The routine you will see in the video is as follows:

  • Basis Cruch
  • Seit Crunches
  • Leg Lifting
  • Cross Crunches
  • Back Crunches
  • Plus Stretching


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