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For this video series “Path of the Predator” three of the most successful and interesting bodybuilding stars came together. Kai Greene met Jeff Seid and Alon Gabbay from the Team SHAPEYOU to show them what his workout about. Kai’s workout routine is very-very tough. It is a symbol of his life story. So enjoy watching the videos and learn all about “The Path of the PREDATOR”.

The Path Of The Predator Nutrition & Supplementation


Since 2007, after winning his first IFBB show, Kai is the face of MuscleMeds. Kai and this company are a perfect match. The idea of MuscleMeds is to use the “muscle-building power” of beef. Kai became the icon for “Carnivor” – a beef protein isolate. He takes this protein daily – one Shake in the morning and one after his workout. Kai mentioned that “Carnivor has been a lifesaver. Instead of having to consume pounds of beef each day, this product provides all the protein and creatine.” “Glutamine Decanate” is also one of Kai’s “basic supplements”. The intake in the mornings and evenings gives you a good glutamine level all day long what helps your regeneration. Also you can supplement glutamine before and after the workout. As a preworkout booster Kai recommends “NO BULL” – he uses it most of the times when he goes to the gym. Kai said: “It gives me energy to train and a massive pump.”


Kai usually has five or six meals daily. As high protein foods he is alternating between lean steak, chicken and fish. Rice and sweet potatoes are his source for good carbs, which give strength and mass. The most important thing is to know what the body needs – then it’s easy to make good progress.
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