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Perfect Symmetry Micha Schmidt


„The perfect Symmetry“ is the training series created by the well-known athletes Patrick Teutsch, Micha Schmidt, André Merzdorf, Eugen Markov and Fitnessoskar. The aim of this training series is to achieve the perfect exercises for an optimal symmetry of the body. Especially in the series it is especially important to get an exact insight into how to use the muscles from many different angles. Don't give weaknesses a chance and optimize your body with the unique workoutseries "The perfect Symmetry".

The Perfect Symmetry - your free workout plan

Chest Training - The Perfect Symmetry - Training Schedule Day 3 with Micha Schmidt

Fight chest weaknesses successfully

Micha Schmidt shows you how to build up a strong chest and how to hit it from every side. It is important to do exercises from several angles so that the entire chest is strained and every area is completely hit.

For this purpose, different reclining positions on the bench and grip possibilities at the cable pulley are available. The training plan covers every part of the breast to ensure an aesthetic symmetry in the breast.

Chest training plan by Micha Schmidt:

  1. Exercise: Bench Press
    5 Sets
    Reps: 10/8/8/6/6
  2. Exercise: Incline dumbbell press
    4 Sets
    Reps: 9 – 12
  3. Exercise: Decline push ups
    3 Supersets
    Reps: 15-20
  4. Exercise: Incline push ups
    3 Supersets
    Reps: 15-20
  5. Exercise: Cable crossover
    3 Supersätze
    Reps: 15
  6. Exercise: Low cable crossover
    3 Sets
    Reps: 15

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