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Perfect Symmetry Patrick Teutsch


„The perfect Symmetry“ is the training series created by the well-known athletes Patrick Teutsch, Micha Schmidt, André Merzdorf, Eugen Markov and Fitnessoskar. The aim of this training series is to achieve the perfect exercises for an optimal symmetry of the body. Especially in the series it is especially important to get an exact insight into how to use the muscles from many different angles. Don't give weaknesses a chance and optimize your body with the unique workoutseries "The perfect Symmetry".

The Perfect Symmetry - your free workout plan

Leg Training - The Perfect Symmetry - Training Plan Day 5 with Patrick Teutsch

Building strong legs - improving symmetry in the legs

There are many people who don't train their legs. They often have broad shoulders, a good biceps and a voluminous chest. When you see the legs, you immediately notice that they only attach importance to their upper body. A stable foundation is very important. The relationship to the upper body must be correct, so it is essential to train your legs as hard as your arms or chest.

Why train your legs?

Trained legs enhance the overall aesthetic image (we return to the series "The Perfect Symmetry" here) and make you look even more brutal. It also guarantees you greater success, as intensive leg training promotes other positive features, such as the release of growth during a strenuous workout in a heavy repetition range of about 6-12 repetitions. But there are many other things that speak in favour of exercising his legs regularly and intensively. Here's an overview of the positive qualities you can benefit from:

Conclusion: Why everyone should train legs:

  • improves the overall symmetry of the body
  • increased release of growth hormones
  • improves the body tension
  • Helpful in everyday life and other sports
  • more positive feedback from women and friends

Leg Workout by Patrick Teutsch:

  1. Exercise; Front Squats
    5 Sets
    Reps: 5-6 (Int.: 85%)
  2. Exercise: Barbell walking lunges
    3 Sets
    Reps: 9-13 (Int.: 70-75%)
  3. Exercise: Leg extensions
    3 Sets
    Reps: 9-13 (Int.:70-75%)
  4. Exercise: Romanian deadlift
    3 Sets
    Reps: 9-13 (Int.: 70-75%)
  5. Exercise: Leg curls
    3 Sets
    Reps: 13-15 (Int.: 65-70%)

Patrick Teutsch

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