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Perfect Symmetry Ernährung


„The perfect Symmetry“ is the training series created by the well-known athletes Patrick Teutsch, Micha Schmidt, André Merzdorf, Eugen Markov and Fitnessoskar. The aim of this training series is to achieve the perfect exercises for an optimal symmetry of the body. Especially in the series it is especially important to get an exact insight into how to use the muscles from many different angles. Don't give weaknesses a chance and optimize your body with the unique workoutseries "The perfect Symmetry".


Lower your body fat now!

One thing I'm going to say. Perfect symmetry has nothing to do with nutrition. Training and genetics, i. e. the general physical disposition, determine the symmetry of the human being. Only the KFA, i. e. the body fat percentage, can be reduced by nutrition, so that cuts and muscle contours can be better recognized.

The build-up and removal of unequal areas of the body can be corrected by special training exercises. In order to optimally accentuate the muscles, it is important to have as little body fat as possible. This is achieved through a disciplined diet and a change of training.

Proper nutrition for muscle building

Calorie deficit is the decisive keyword. Because: a body can be constructed as symmetrically as possible. If there is too much fat over the muscles, even the best genetic predisposition is useless. You can read about the types of diets in the slimming section.

The right supplementation - What do I need?

Food supplements also play a major role, of course. The athletes agree and agree that the following supplements were the most important:

  1. Whey Protein
  2. BCAA
  3. Creatin Monohydrat
  4. Glutamin
  5. Omega 3 fatty acids
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