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Ross Dickerson Training

The "ROSSCUT" is Ross Dickersons personally two month definition program. It is a combination of intensive supersets and precise nutrition, which guarantees to be "shredded",

Ross Dickerson is a well known face in the fitness scene in the meantime. He inspires his fans with a fantastic body transformation. Many people ask him, what his secret for motivation and focus is, for a such well-trained body.


How does Ross Dickerson motivate himself?

Motivation is an important role in fitness and bodybuilding. Without motivation and impulsion there will be no success in training and one does not feel like to go to the workout. One has to focus on the way and what one already managed, not on the goal itself. They way is the goal: This is the motto of many athletes and also of Ross Dickerson.

Ross Dickerson - Motivation through community

Ross Dickerson has 1,4 million follower on Instagram and over 250'000 Fans on Facebook. He supplies his community with daily motivating images and shares his life with his fans. One of his greatest motivations are his fans and their positive feedback in the social networks. His community is like a family. He is thankful for every supporter he has, does not matter if local ones or from the outside.

What can I do for more motivation?

Ross Dickerson tells you what you can do, so you have always enough motivation. Additionally you can read here what kind of motivations are necessary for a successful training and how to prepeare optimal for it.

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