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Ross Dickerson Training

The "ROSSCUT" is Ross Dickersons personally two month definition program. It is a combination of intensive supersets and precise nutrition, which guarantees to be "shredded",

Ross Dickerson is a well known face in the fitness scene in the meantime. He inspires his fans with a fantastic body transformation. Many people ask him, what his secret for motivation and focus is, for a such well-trained body.


How to train the arms musculature?

O the last training day, the 6th one, the triceps and the biceps are trained. The triceps makes about 2/3 of the arm and need more energy, so Ross trains it first.

A seperate arm day is important for Ross, because he wants to use the arm potential. He has often trained his triceps after back training, but only for a short time because he could not feel the arms on a positive way. Because of that reason, there is a separate arm day in "ROSSCUT" with a special intensive workout.

Biceps and trizeps training tipps by Ross Dickerson

Because of the fact, that these muscles are little, Ross only trains them with high frequency and a maximal pause durance of about 90 seconds. With a trainingspartner the next set will be done directly after your partner is done with his to avoid long pauses. On the end of the workouts the arms should be pumped and well blood circulated.

Ross Dickerson Armtraining

The arm day contains different excercises for burdening the muscles from different angles. The last day, the 5th day of "ROSSCUT" is structured as seen:

  1. Excercise: EZ-Bar Skullcrusher in superset with tricepspressing
    4 Sets / 12 Repeats
  2. Excercise: Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdown
    4 Sets / 15 Repeats 
  3. Excercise: Close Grip Push Ups in superset with Dips
    4 Sets / maximal Repeats
  4. Excercise: Bench Dips
    4 Sets / maximal Repeats 
  5. Excercise: Cable Rope Extensions
    5 Sets / 10 Repeats
  6. Excercise: EZ-Bar Curls in superset with Hammer Curls
    4 Sets / 12 Repeats
  7. Excercise: Seated Hammer Curls
    4 Sets / 15 Repeats 
  8. Excercise: Across the Body Dumbbell Curls in superset with Cable Curls
    4 Sets / every side 12 Repeats 
  9. Excercise: Close Grip Cable Curls
    4 Sets / 15 Repeats
  10. Excercise: Spiderman Curls (Finisher)
    5 Sets / 10 Repeats

Ross Dickerson Cardio

Ross Dickerson does a 30 minute HIIT Cardio Training in addition three times a week.

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday are planned days in which he absolves an endurance session for optimizing metabolism and for burning more calories while bodybuilding.

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