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Ryan Terry's and Felix Valentino's Heart Of A Champion Supplementation Basics
What do Ryan Terry and Felix Valentino have in common? They both have an enormous will; they have a HEART OF A CHAMPION. Nobody else, except yourself, is responsible for your life. All you need to be successful is inside of you: It is the heart and the will that define a winner. Ryan and Felix will show you how the workout of a champion looks like. The 12 week workout series will be extreme tough - it will push you to the limits. If you stay the course you really are a champion! It’s your choice…


People often think the “right supplementation” is an iffy subject – but it is not!To support you muscle growth first of all it is important to have a healthy and well balanced nutrition. The supplementation is just the add-on. For me BCAAs and whey protein are the most important supps. And I also have to say that casein protein and creatine are helpful products.

BCAAsare branched-chain amino acids. The body absorbs the BCAAs very fast and they don't need to be processed by your liver, they head directly to your blood stream to be picked up by your muscles.. It makes sense to take them just before sports so they can help protect your muscles against the catabolic effects.

Whey-Protein is the perfect supplement to take right after your workout. The body can absorbe it fast and help the regeneration. I also use whey protein prepairing my breakfast. Oats, whey protein and fruits – that is a perfect start into the day.

Casein-Protein is the opposition to the whey – It is slow metabolized. The advance of the casein is that it can supply your muscles with protein for a long time (all over the night)

Creatine is THE supplement if you want to build up muscle and gain strength. You will directly see that it gives you more power for your workout. Creatine (creatine phosphate) is the energy charge for your muscles.




Non training days

Still take Creatine on non training day evenly throughout day as instructed. Before fasted morning cardio take 10g L-Glutamine and 10g BCAAs with 500mg water. After Cardio take 10g L-Glutamine and eat breakfast.


The secret to success is focus. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work hard enough. You need to stay focused and not to give in to life’s temptations.

However, it is not the right method to abstain from everything nice and tasty. You need to treat yourself to good stuff sometimes – that is how you stay happy and only that way you can stay focused to reach you goals. You just need to know what treat is allowed. For example I love chocolate but that is no problem – there are high-protein bars to satisfy my appetite ;)
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