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Do you know the slogan “YOLO - You only live once”?! Of course you do. I love that motto. However my interpretation of that is totally different than you might think. I know I only live once and I want to make the best out of it. I want to have a good life and good friends. I want to influence people, show them what is possible in life. Everything is possible. You are the architect of your own fortune. I want to be remembered as an inspirational person. I want to #BeLEGEND!

Sergi Constance - #BeLEGEND Workout Series Nutrition

For me it’s all about eating heathy. If I am not preparing for a competition or an event I don’t count my calories. I just eat heathy so I feel healthy.

The most important thing is to know your own body and your own metabolism. So in the beginning it is helpful to count calories and to watch how the body reacts. When you did that for a while you will know what is good for you and what you need to bulk or to get ripped.

I would recommend eating 6 solid meals a day. Why? Everybody who is working out hard needs a lot of energy. For me it feels best if am eating 6 times instead of 3 huge meals. If I am bulking I eat a lot of carbs plus round about 1 gram of fats per kg bodyweight and 2 grams of protein per kg bodyweight. When I am doing a diet for a show I keep my fats and proteins but I will eat less carbs. Sometimes I even do carb cycling. Carb cycling is difficult subject. If you are interested you should google for it and there are also entire books that got a lot of information for you.

What about a “cheat meal”?! For me a cheat meal is very important. Once a week I have a cheat meal. This is necessary for the mind. If I know I have one day in the week I can eat whatever I want it is easier to eat healthy the rest of the week. And I also think that a cheat meal once a week is good for my metabolism. My cheat meal is the perfect finish of the week so I normally have it on my rest day or on my last day of training routine.

The subject “nutrition” has got too much information to write it all down on this website. I hope this was a good overview for you.

Sergi Constance - Cheat Meal
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