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Stephanie Davis Glamazon Traningsplan


You could say I'm a little party mouse. Putting on a fancy dress, getting into the high heels and then out into the nightlife, just dancing and having fun - that describes me in any case quite well. And when people in the club turn around for you, that's a cool feeling and gives a lot of self-confidence. And the nicest thing is to get a compliment. But if you want to get a compliment, you have to earn it!

That's what GLAMAZON is all about! With a lot of hard work and sweat everyone can get his or her dream body and earn compliments.

Glamazon - The fitness plan for women by Stephanie Davis

The way is the goal, everyone can reach his goals!

Again and again I am asked about my fitness plan and my recipe for a beautiful body. Unfortunately, there is no secret formula with which everyone can reach their dream body after a short time. The road is a long one - but I am sure that everyone can achieve their goals.

Optimize your fitness plan NOW with varied exercises

So that you can go your own way, I have summarized my GLAMAZON training plan as a small guide. The fitness plan is especially suitable for women and shows you optimal exercises, with which you can design your training even more. Whenever friends who are new to the gym ask me for a training tip, this is the plan I push into their hands.

The GLAMAZON Women's Training Plan is designed for 3 training sessions per week. I've planned that you will go through this plan for 8 weeks, after which you will feel a huge change. And then you can incorporate new exercises into your training to make further progress.

Set realistic goals! Have fun with what you do!

But before training starts, my Starter Advice:"You need a defined goal you are working towards, and you need a plan on how to reach your goal. And most importantly, have fun with everything you do:"Even if training can be exhausting at times or it can be annoying to do without sweets, you should always have fun with the fitness lifestyle (in the long run). Only if you have fun during training can you stay on the ball and make progress and achieve your goals.

Let yourself be surprised and learn more about the fitness lifestyle

Besides motivation, healthy nutrition also plays an important role. By sponsoring Weider I got to know a whole series of great products, which help you enormously to supply the body with enough nutrients, but later in my women's fitness plan more.

I just love the fitness lifestyle. I love training and I love a healthy diet. Of course, I also love to party, dance and get compliments. In my opinion, this is also part of the fitness lifestyle. Watch the videos now and learn everything about a successful fitness plan for women.

This is the GLAMAZON Lifestyle!




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