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Glamazon Ernährung von Stephanie Davis



You could say I'm a little party mouse. Putting on a fancy dress, getting into the high heels and then out into the nightlife, just dancing and having fun - that describes me in any case quite well. And when people in the club turn around for you, that's a cool feeling and gives a lot of self-confidence. And the nicest thing is to get a compliment. But if you want to get a compliment, you have to earn it!

That's what GLAMAZON is all about! With a lot of hard work and sweat everyone can get his or her dream body and earn compliments.

Glamazon Training Plan by Stephanie Davis: Nutrition

What is my miracle diet?

If I ask such a provocative question, you can imagine that I don't have any special tricks. My diet is actually just healthy and balanced. I'm not a girl who eats a little lettuce all day and starves. I wouldn't be happy with that and such a diet doesn't provide a good basis for doing sports in the studio. In general, I have to taste my food, it has to be healthy and I have to have strength for the sport.

In sports circles, it's common practice to calculate in macronutrients... this can be a really complicated subject. Macronutrients are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. If you plan your diet carefully, you can get an ideal combination of nutrients that gives you strength and helps you to regenerate, but does not make you fat unnecessarily. For me, it is always important to distinguish whether I prepare for a competition or not. During the preparation for the competition, my diet is of course a little bit more strict, i. e. less carbohydrates and less fat. But even if I am not in the race preparation, I pay attention to what comes on my table. After all, it would be really counterproductive if I were to feed myself a lot of pounds in the off-season, which I have to get back down to the competition season.

To keep it simple, I'd like to show you a so called "full day of eating" as it looks in my off-season. You can use this schedule to find your way around. I will also always write a few tips on the individual meals. I think this is the easiest way to pass on my knowledge and show what a healthy and balanced diet looks like.

The topic of the macronutrient ratio is quite complicated and the computing can be really annoying. But I would like to give you a complete overview on the topic of nutrition... so here is my Marko balance sheet!

In total I eat about 1840 kcal on days without training. On training days I need more energy and therefore I eat a little bit more (approx. 2150 kcal) - this value is based on the fact that I expect an additional energy consumption of approx. 300 kcal (approx. 60 minutes in the gym).

My macro nutrient balance looks like this:

Converting these values into percentages results in a ratio of 46/27/27/27 on non-working days and 54/23/23 on training days.

Glamazon Calorie Calculator

Depending on how big, how heavy and how much sport someone is doing, a different total requirement for the day will be calculated. With the calorie calculator you can enter your data and get your individual energy demand calculated. The result refers to a normal day including 60 minutes of fitness training. The calculated value is of course only a guideline, because each body functions a little differently and some of them have a faster or slower metabolism. For starters, to get a feeling for your diet, the calorie calculator is a really cool tool.

On days when I'm not in the studio, my energy consumption is correspondingly a bit lower. In return, I mainly reduce the carbohydrates, whereby the values for fats and proteins remain the same. When you do one hour of fitness training, you burn about 325 kcal as a woman. Therefore, my target value on days without training is about 1875 kcal. The breakdown is then as follows: carbohydrates 200 g, proteins 100 g, fats 70 g. You can also calculate your needs on the days off by simply subtracting 325 kcal (corresponding to about 80 g carbohydrates) from the result of the calculator.

Workout day

STEP 1: Dein Geschlecht


STEP 2: Deine Körpermaße und Alter

Grösse (in cm):






Free of training

Like I said, there's more to me than salad. And every now and then a little sinfulness is also allowed. I'm in the process of writing a detailed plan, which I'll upload here soon. It still takes a little while...

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