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You could say I'm a little party mouse. Putting on a fancy dress, getting into the high heels and then out into the nightlife, just dancing and having fun - that describes me in any case quite well. And when people in the club turn around for you, that's a cool feeling and gives a lot of self-confidence. And the nicest thing is to get a compliment. But if you want to get a compliment, you have to earn it!

That's what GLAMAZON is all about! With a lot of hard work and sweat everyone can get his or her dream body and earn compliments.

Glamazon Training Plan by Stepahanie Davis: Supplementation

What does supplementation mean? And do I need that as a fitness girl?

Supplements or sportsmen's food are dietary supplements that help you to provide your body with everything it needs for sports. Do you think that supplements are only useful for big muscular bodybuilders? Well, I'm just saying that as a fitness girl, I don't use all the range of products on the market. But I also find one or two nutritional supplements really useful for us girls.

First of all, it has to be said that supplements are by no means harmful chemical bombs, as some people mistakenly assume. Most products, such as protein powders, are produced naturally. For example, whey protein is a natural component of milk.

Whey protein is obtained from cow's milk by certain filtration processes and is therefore a natural product. As it is a natural product, I am not afraid to use such sports food. And I think protein shakes taste great, so the products always have a place in my cupboard.

The best supplements by Stephanie Davis

So that I can give you an overview of this topic, I have summarized in the following list which sports food I use. I have always added a link to my favorite products.

I fully trust the brand BioTech USA!


… is the perfect supplement directly after exercise. Protein is the building material of the muscles and the supply after exercise can help regeneration. Whey protein is quickly absorbed by the body and quickly processed, which is why it makes sense to drink a shake after training. I often use Whey with my breakfast. When I don't have much time, there's simply oatmeal, whey and fruit - that's a strong start to the day. On training days I drink two shakes. My favorite product is "BioTech USA Iso Whey Zero". My main criterion for the choice is the taste - the Weider Gold Whey Vanilla is simply the best: -) - but it's, as you say, a matter of taste.


I always drink before bed in the evening. Casein protein is the antagonist of whey. It is slowly metabolized and has the advantage that it can guarantee a protein supply during the night. For this I have chosen Casein Fusion from BioTech USA as an example. BioTech USA really has a whole range of different flavours to offer. I haven't tried them all yet, but I'm there;) Generally speaking, you can't do anything wrong with vanilla.


… are already a more specialized food supplement. It is said that this particular combination of amino acids serves as "muscle protection" when taken before exercise. If I go to the studio in the morning without breakfast, then I take BCAAs. For a long time, the All Stars brand was my favorite. I have been using this product for the last 12 months and so I can give my blessing on it, my Holy Grail, so to speak. Right now I am testing BioTech USA. And I am also completely satisfied with the product.


... get you the right kick when you don't have motivation for training. Every day I wouldn't recommend a booster, because then there will be a habit effect. That's what they say, but I haven't gotten there yet. When it comes to workout boosters, Nitrox Therapy from BioTech USA is definitely my favorite. I have been in love with him since FIBO 2014. Always gives me a real push and is very good in price and taste (Red Berry).


… is an absolute must in my eyes. Especially in a diet, when I eat very low-fat foods, it is important that I take polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential for metabolism and hormone production. In the past, a diet always really affected my mood and my skin condition got worse. Since I've been taking fish oil capsules, these problems have become less. So for me it's really the most important dietary supplements of all. I use the BioTech USA Omega 3 capsules.

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