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Stephanie Davis Glamazon



You could say I'm a little party mouse. Putting on a fancy dress, getting into the high heels and then out into the nightlife, just dancing and having fun - that describes me in any case quite well. And when people in the club turn around for you, that's a cool feeling and gives a lot of self-confidence. And the nicest thing is to get a compliment. But if you want to get a compliment, you have to earn it!

That's what GLAMAZON is all about! With a lot of hard work and sweat everyone can get his or her dream body and earn compliments.

Glamazon Training by Stephanie Davis

What is my personal history of sports?

I have always been sporty, whether ballet, horse riding, artistic gymnastics, athletics, dancing and later on martial arts, I have always been involved with full ambition. But I only discovered my passion for fitness at the age of 20 years. At that time I started to work towards a half marathon. I always had to go to a gym and run down my mileage on the treadmill. All the other "weird devices" in the studio were completely unknown to me. At some point, however, the curiosity was so great that I overcame myself and sat down on such a device. In retrospect, it turned out to be a "lat-pull". I just started training on it without worrying about how I should do the exercises and above all what it might be good for - but I liked it. So one thing came to the other and I started with regular fitness and weight training.

Today, I can't imagine fitness sports without it. Fitness is my life and I love the lifestyle... but I haven't done the planned half marathon until today;-)

Enough of that... now it's time for practice.

The first thing you will notice is that unlike many other girls, I train with weights, dumbbells and equipment. In the beginning I only felt at home on a crosstrainer and treadmill, but I noticed that it really brings more strength training.

I say it over and over again - and I say it again at this point:"Dear girls, don't be afraid of muscles" You know me and you know what I look like - a strong musculature makes your body firm and firm. Comparing strength training with extreme bodybuilding is absolute nonsense. If you don't eat ultra extreme food and exercise ultra extreme, you will never run the risk of looking like a bodybuilder. So don't worry! Strength training helps you shape your body and burn a lot of calories, so your body fat melts effectively. More musculature means a higher energy turnover and so the pounds fall even faster.

I'm going to split practice. And you as well?

I also think it is very important to take into account all parts of the body during strength training, i. e. in general: legs, back, chest, shoulders, stomach and arms. The magic word the guys use in the gym is "overall balanced physique".

And how do you train your whole body best now? It is the possibility to train everything a little bit in one day, so called whole body training. In contrast, there is also the approach of splitting up your training and using different muscles on different days. Since I would like to do several exercises for each muscle group, it makes more sense for me to do a split training for each muscle group. My plan consists of three units:"PUSH - PULL - LEGS". With this division I cover all muscle groups. You can see how the training looks like on the different days below.

By dividing up my training plan, I can always concentrate on one muscle group and put all my energy into the targeted exercises. And as I only do 5-7 exercises every training day, the time expenditure is also limited. I always expect about 60 minutes per workout (plus 10 minutes warm-up).

Just click on the individual training days. There you will find videos and further information about the exercises. You wonder when the right time to start training?!


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