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Steve Cooc & Felix Valentino Under the Wings Lifestyle
It takes a lot of sweat, time and hard discipline in the gym if you want to achieve an athletic body. But it would be a bit easier when someone experienced would support you. This support you will get here soon in form of Steve Cook IFBB Pro Mens Physique Competitor, Optimum Nutrition athlete and Fitness Model and with ShapeYOU athlete and fitness model Felix Valentino. Both athletes will take you under their wings and tell about the basic issues in training, the lifestyle of a fitness model and show you how your next 12 weeks of workout should look like.

Learn from the pros how to improve you workout to get the maximum out of you.

Under the Wings Workout Series Lifestyle


People often come up tom e and ask when and why I started bodybuilding.

2009 stand ich zum ersten Mal auf der Bühne und im April 2010 habe ich meine Pro-Card im Bodybuilding bei der ABFF Show in Boise gewonnen. Danach (2010) startete ich mit meiner Karriere dann durch…

Being the son of a coach and athletic director, I always did a lot of sports. Pushups were a must before being allowed to watch tv or hang out with friends, and done religiously before bed.

The first time I ever picked up a set of weights was when he first entered middle school. I continued to lift, not only because of the extra advantage it gave him in athletics, but also for that feeling of being alive. Playing football in College and earning a BS degree in Integrated Studies (Biology/Psychology) gave me the tools and experience that would prove to be essential for success later in his life.

When my football career came to a close, I decided to start training more as a bodybuilder. In 2009, I began my journey in the bodybuilding industry. In April 2010, I placed 1st in the ABFF Show/Boise Golds Gym Classic and earned my Pro Card.

Since then my career really got rolling …


In 2010 I competed at the “Muscle & Fitness – male model search” in Las Vegas and I won. That was just fantastic!
Later that year I won the anual “bodyspace spokesmodel search” by bodybuilding.com. Now everybody who was searching the web could find me on bodybuilding.com – that changed my life.

Since 2013 there is the new category “Men’s Physique” at the IFBB Olympia Weekend. That was a great event. I finished 8th but now I will put the pedal to the medal – next year I will be in great shape and I will earn a better ranking.


I always love to push my limits and I always want to find out how far I can go. I got the goal to get the best out of my body. My idol is Steve Reves – the perfect balance of mass, form and symmetry.

Steve Cooc & Felix Valentino Under the Wings Trainhard
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