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It takes a lot of sweat, time and hard discipline in the gym if you want to achieve an athletic body. But it would be a bit easier when someone experienced would support you. This support you will get here soon in form of Steve Cook IFBB Pro Mens Physique Competitor, Optimum Nutrition athlete and Fitness Model and with ShapeYOU athlete and fitness model Felix Valentino. Both athletes will take you under their wings and tell about the basic issues in training, the lifestyle of a fitness model and show you how your next 12 weeks of workout should look like.

Learn from the pros how to improve you workout to get the maximum out of you.

Under the Wings Workout Series Day 7: Pause/Cardio

Cardio Training on rest day

“You don’t want to skip rest day.” However, when I am preparing for a competition I do some cardio on the Sundays. I can recommend an easy cardio workout with a target heard rate of 120 – 140 beats per minute. That way you are working out in the aerobic zone and you burn fat effectively.

HIIT on rest day for tough ones

However, if you are really tough you can also try HIIT (high-intensity interval training). HIIT is an exercise strategy alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. After a short warm up you can start with an intense anaerobic exercise. Give all you got for 30 – 40 seconds. Which exercise you do is up to you – cycling, running or rowing. After the intense period you get 20 seconds rest during the less-intense recovery period. After that you restart with an intense anaerobic exercise. Your entire HIIT contains 5 to 10 of these circles.

Your cardiovascular system will go full speed and that way you can burn many calories. You probably have noticed that I told you about the aerobic zone and effectively fat burning. The HIIT is not that effective because you are working a lot harder to get just a little better result. However, the HIIT burns higher total calories and this is what it is about – this is how you can get a shredded look.

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