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It takes a lot of sweat, time and hard discipline in the gym if you want to achieve an athletic body. But it would be a bit easier when someone experienced would support you. This support you will get here soon in form of Steve Cook IFBB Pro Mens Physique Competitor, Optimum Nutrition athlete and Fitness Model and with ShapeYOU athlete and fitness model Felix Valentino. Both athletes will take you under their wings and tell about the basic issues in training, the lifestyle of a fitness model and show you how your next 12 weeks of workout should look like.

Learn from the pros how to improve you workout to get the maximum out of you.

Under the Wings Workout Series Workout

The next 12 weeks Felix Valentino and I will take care of you – we will take you UNDER THE WINGS. The workout I am doing is not easy. However, hard work pays off.


Most bodybuilders, who get public attention, weight over 100 kg – that is probably not your goal.

The Focus of my workout is a different one. It is all about physique, fitness and strength. To get big and bulk is not the goal most people have. Fitness and strength gives you an advantage in sports in general. That is the reason why I started weightlifting: I played football in college and I needed the physique to be competitive. Today I want to show you how to reach your goals – how to become a great athlete – and how the get the nice beach body. With my training program UNDER THE WINGS I will go to the gym with you and I will feed you with many tips and tricks. I will show you what it’s all about if you want to be successful.

The shredded look is important for every fitness model. Due to this reason we do a tough workout every week with a high workload. I have a 5 day split routine that works one body part per day and the entire body over the 5 day period.Because of the alternating workout every day all my body parts get time for regeneration. This rest is essential for your muscle growth.

In den Trainingsvideos wird es primär um Trainingsbasics gehen. Ab und zu gebe ich aber auch Tipps oder zeige Übungen die für jemanden mit viel Trainingserfahrung sicherlich ganz hilfreich sein können.


Before we can start the workout I wrote down some overall advices. You will see that I am also giving these advices in my videos. However, the written version of my tips is probably more memorable.


You will see that Felix and I always do a warm-up set before we start our working sets. Doing a good warm-up is so important if you so weightlifting. Without a warm-up the you might be injury-prone and also you will slow down your training progress. The general warm-up on a cardio machine (5 to 10 minutes will be enough) helps your circulation going. But that is not all. Specific warm-up for every exercise with low weights will lubricate your joints and boost the blood flow in your muscles.


Felix and I are spending most time with free weights. The reason is simple: to control free weights the coordinative requirement is much higher. The control of your movement is called intra- and intermuscular coordination.

The coordinated twitching of the small fibers within any given muscle is referred to intramuscular coordination. If the fibers in the muscle all contract and relax in sync, then you are producing more muscle power, without your muscle necessarily being very big. Working out with free weights means that the fibers cannot contract and relax in sync – so the muscle gets growth stimulation. Intermuscular coordination on the other side is the coordination between different muscles in your body. This aspect of coordination is important for an overall balanced physique.


If you want to push yourself to the limit you should try drop sets. I often do drop sets at the end of my workout. A drop set is the simple technique where you perform a set of any exercise to failure or just short of failure, then drop some weight and continue for more repetitions with the reduced poundage. For my last set I take as much weight as I can move 12 times. After I did as many reps as possible, spotters remove weight between setsand I do another set without a break. I repeat that a second time to squeeze out everything I got. Remember: no pain- no gain!


Steve Cooc & Felix Valentino Workout Split


1. Mind Muscle Connection!: Always concentrate on the muscle you are training in that moment. The mind muscle connection helps you to squeeze out all power.

2. Focus on the movement, not on the weight!!! You work out your muscle – not your ego!: .

3. Create an overall balanced physique!

4. Always keep the tension on the muscle!: The correct execution of the exercises gets you the right tension on the muscle and it will prevent damage on your joints.

5. Stretching during workout? Yes, but no hardcore stretching!!: Easy stretching stimulates the blood flow in your muscles and helps your regeneration. However, hardcore stretching can make you sore muscles even worse.


Now it’s getting serious…In the overview above you can find your workout split for the next 12 weeks. Every day of the week there are different exercises – in my videos I will explain each day in detail. The continuous training will pay off. Let’s get it on.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
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