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Ulisses Jr. the most successful MuscleMania athlete of all time, an idol, a legend.

Ulisses provides his fans with motivation daily via Facebook and Instagram. However, he doesn’t tell how his personal workout looks like. For ShapeYOU he reveals his secret – the video series “BUILT BY ULISSES” shows you tips and tricks about training and nutrition. Also he gives a personal insight about his journey and the source of his endless motivation.


Ulisses Jr. and the importance of the diet

Ulisses Jr. receives nearly daily hundred of question about the topic nutrition and what one should eat and what not for building a good body. But why is the correct nutrition this important? Many people say, that you only have to train. That is not quiet correct. In the video Ulisses Jr. tells, that the nutrition makes a high percentage of fitness.

The nutrition reflects the physique and the own appearance. The diet has an important role for bodybuilder and athletes because the harder a diet is, the better you see the musculature and esthetics.

Ulisses Jr. and his buying list - The right nutrients

A clean nutrition is the best for optimal results. A healthy nutrition and a good choosed supplementation are the most important requirements. Nutrition is important, so plan what you eat and be sure to have the planned daily meals.

Everything needs time, some weeks, some months and some years until knowing what one wants. Years of working experience will be payed off. One can take amino acids and believe to look brute after only one week, but that does not work this way.

Supplements are a great thing but primarly a consequent and clean nutrition stands in the foreground. "BUILT BY ULISSES" stands for dedication and passion for fitness.

Ulisses Jr. garants, that one year consequent rules with clean nutrition, regular training and taking of supplements (for example protein shakes and amino acids) will give your body that what you invested in time and disciplin.

Ulisses Jr. Nutrition

Ulisses Jr. Nutritiontipps

Many fans ask what Ulisses Jr regularly eats. He is a big fan of chicken, fish and flesh.

Before training:

Meal 1 - Breakfast: Shake with albumen, vitamins and oxidants (free radicals) for optimal supplementation of the musculature and immune system.

Meal 2: Oatmeal with water (Blueberrys as natural sugar to refine are suitable, too) + Eggwhites for albumen supplementation.

Snack: Ricecake with peanutbutter / Rice waffles.

Meal 3 - Lunch: Rice and chicken/fish with quinoa.


After training:

Meal 4: Post Workout Shake

Meal 5: (directly after the shake) Sweet potatoes, other potatoes + fish/chicken/flesh.

Depending on phase you can increase carbonhydrates. Rice/Pasta can also be eaten.

Rice/Pasta are delicious and healthy carbonhydrate supplier. In diets carbonhydrates can be replaced with vegetables.

Meal 6: Snack natural yoghurt 0,1% Fat / Caseine

Ulisses Jr. und Cheatmeals

Ulisses Jr. has no special days in which he eats unhealthy things. He is satisfied with his diet and has nearly no problems to continue it consequently. If he gets the desire to eat a pizza, he does it, because he knows that his nutrition is nearly 100% clean. He obeys his own rules and his allowed nutrients so why not enjoy himself? He likes pizza very much, no question, but his cheatmeals are another ones. He prefers eating icecream or chocolate, but after that he stays motivated and gives 110% again.

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