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Valeria Ammirato Beintreining


Sexy curves through sport!

I have Italian blood flowing in me and therefore I already have a curvy body and a lot of temperament from disposition. I love my curves, but I also want to shape and tighten them beautifully - I can only do this through hard training and a healthy diet. The products of my sponsor Scitec, which I warmly recommend to everyone, help me in this. Looking naked better and getting many compliments in a bikini on the beach as well as on the street, I enjoy very much. Which girl doesn't want that? That's why I've put together a plan for you here, which will help you to get a little bit more out of your curves and to shape a firm body in 8 weeks. The focus is on abdominal legs buttocks. The 8 WEEK CURVES TRAINER is a BBP program that has it all! I'm sure you'll be able to reach your dream body. There's a fighting spirit in every one of us. Let's go!


The focus today is on the buttocks, but also here the legs are naturally always trained. As on day 1, the break times between the exercises are approx. 60 seconds.

Valeria Ammirator


  • Lateral knee bend
    3 sets, 15 reps
  • Cross lifting with dumbbell
    3 sets, 12 reps
  • Abduction Superset
    je 3 sets , 12 reps
  • Kickbacks on the cable pulley
    3 sets, 30 reps
  • Hipthrust standing at the cable pull
    3 sets, 30 reps

Exercise 1 Side knee bend:

This exercise is for the entire thigh the focus is on the adductor (inside of the thigh). I go into an oversized stand, then go down deep, push the buttocks far back and shift the weight to one side. I bend over until I feel the train on the other side of the adductor. Then I push myself up out of my legs and switch directly to the other side. As an additional weight I like to take Kettlebells, but I can also use the barbell or dumbbells. Make sure that you keep your back straight, again it's about feeling the exercise. The break is approx. 30-60 seconds.

Exercise 2 Cross-lifting with dumbbell:

This exercise is actually a more complex exercise, as it is usually done with the barbell, but with dumbbells I can recommend it to every beginner and you don't need to take a lot of weight. It is very good for the back thighs and lower back. The legs are slightly flexed, you go down until you feel the pulling in the hamstrings and hold the tension in the buttocks, so that he is also trained a little bit.

Exercise 3 Abduction Superset:

In this exercise, the outer thigh is trained. However, I do the exercise differently than most people may know it. I lean my upper body far forward and hold the body tension. The closer the cushions are to the buttocks, the more training is given. After 12 repetitions I go with the upper body deep down and make another 12 repetitions. The middle gluteal muscle is thus trained extremely. This exercise helped me shape my bottom the best. I can also take a lot of weight and do 24 repetitions per set with the superset.

Exercise 4 kickbacks on the cable pulley:

This exercise is a great way to vary your weight. It is up to me at the end, because I have already strained my bottom and then, depending on the power, I take lighter or heavier weight during the day. I put one leg in the leg loop and hold the tension a little bit while pushing it upwards. This increases the intensity. I also feel the leg very much, here I would recommend to kneel easily. Afterwards I make the other side directly. I pause for 30 seconds between the sentences.

Exercise 5 Hipthrust standing on a cable pulley:

Many people have problems with the supported Hipthrust in their backs or do not get the weight up well. Concentration in the standing Hipthrusts is on the middle of the body, so you get a good posture. On stage a clear posture is very important. Here, a lot of weight is put into the body without hurting the back. You go down as deep as you can, almost in the squat, when you go up you tilt the pelvis and pinch your buttocks together. Important is the straight back, maybe you will go into the light hollow back.


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