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Valeria Ammirato - Oberkörper Training

Sexy curves through sport!

I have Italian blood flowing in me and therefore I already have a curvy body and a lot of temperament from disposition. I love my curves, but I also want to shape and tighten them beautifully - I can only do this through hard training and a healthy diet. The products of my sponsor Scitec, which I warmly recommend to everyone, help me in this. Looking naked better and getting many compliments in a bikini on the beach as well as on the street, I enjoy very much. Which girl doesn't want that? That's why I've put together a plan for you here, which will help you to get a little bit more out of your curves and to shape a firm body in 8 weeks. The focus is on abdominal legs buttocks. The 8 WEEK CURVES TRAINER is a BBP program that has it all! I'm sure you'll be able to reach your dream body. There's a fighting spirit in every one of us. Let's go!


Today we go to the upper torso training. Right at the beginning I have a hint for you: A part of the body that is most often neglected is the shoulders. They are very important for a straight, beautiful posture. In particular, more emphasis should be placed on the back shoulder, as the front shoulder is already being trained in many upper body exercises. In many people I see again and again that the front shoulder has been trained too much and the upper body hangs forward. I also don't train the arms personally, as they are also involved in many exercises. But of course you shouldn't leave them out either, after all the whole upper body should be well formed. The breaks between the exercises today are about 30 seconds, as the individual muscle groups are smaller than the legs.

Valeria Ammirato upper body workout


  • lat pull
    3 sets, 12 reps
  • Pre-bent rowing at the cable pulley
    3 sets, 12 reps
  • Shoulder Superset on cable pulley
    je 3 sets, 12 reps
  • shoulder presses
    4 sets, 12 reps
  • Biceps/Triceps Superset
    je 3 sets, 15 reps
  • callipers
    3 sets, jeweils 15 reps
    • Crunshes
    • Legraises
    • Mountain climber

Exercise 1 Lat Pull:

At the beginning I do a warm-up set with little weight and about 15 repetitions. I then increase the weight in each set. You should feel this exercise well in your back again and always keep your eyes on the front so that the head is in the extension of the spine.

Exercise 2 Pre-bent rowing on the pulley:

Rowing on the cable pulley gives me more safety in my back and I can concentrate more on the power. I gently kneel, bend my upper body forward and keep my back straight. Maybe I'll go into a slight hollow back. It is important that the arms are wide and that the pole is pulled up to the chest. The shoulder blades should be pulled together at the back.

Exercise 3 shoulders Superset on cable pulley:

Shoulder exercises are very important for posture, but you should always be very careful with these exercises, as you can easily injure your shoulder.

I'll start with raising the front. The arms should never be higher than a 90° angle, otherwise it is too much on the neck. Then I'll go straight to the back shoulder.

I recommend this exercise to everyone as it is one of my favorite exercises for the back shoulder. In the beginning you will probably feel this exercise a bit more in the triceps, but later on you will feel it in the back shoulder. It's important that you let go down with your arms and let go of the grip and then push your arms upwards, otherwise you might get cramped. The intervals here are about 30 seconds.

You should choose the weight more easily, because it's more important that you feel the exercise again

Exercise 4 shoulder presses:

The focus of this exercise is again more on the back shoulder. It is important that the arms always remain behind the head and the shoulder blades are pulled together. I do 4 sets this time because the back shoulder is simply one of the most important parts of my body and it should be trained more isolated than the front shoulder. Because this is already part of many upper body exercises.

Exercise 5 Biceps / Triceps Superset:

For the biceps and triceps, I only do two exercises. In many upper body exercises the arms are included. In the bikini class they should not be too pronounced, of course, but nevertheless well trained.

During the biceps exercise, always keep your arms at an angle of 90° so that the biceps can be trained in isolation. Then I go straight to the triceps. I train him individually and do 15 repetitions for each side.

Exercise 6 Compasses:

When it comes to the stomach, it should be noted that nutrition and genes play a tremendously important role. Some need to train their belly more, some need to train less - but it should not be missing.

I build up the exercises like a kind of circuit training, and they run smoothly. I train here without weight, as the body's center should remain narrow and the concentration should lie on a good body feeling. With additional weight, it can happen that the center of the body becomes wider.

Crunch: I hold my legs up and never take off the shoulder blades completely. This is important so that you have some tension in your stomach all the time. When I reach the middle of my body, I hold the tension for a few seconds before I relax again. Legraises: Either you pull both legs straight up or you alternately pull your left and right legs straight up, here you can vary well and also play with the repetitions. For example, I make three straight Legraises and the remaining 12 lateral. Mountainclimber: This exercise is more for the lateral abdominal muscles. The movement execution can be varied very well. For beginners I recommend to lean on the forearms and advanced users can lean on their hands. The elbows or hands should be below the shoulders.

The aim is to keep the back straight and the upper body stable. I always imagine that nothing could knock me over, then I know that my body center is really solid.

In turn, pull the right knee to the left elbow and vice versa.

After all three exercises you can have a break. In total I need 5-10min for abdominal training. Depending on how long it takes you to take your breaks, I'd hold them between 30-60 seconds.

Generally speaking, I can only recommend a change of diet when it comes to the subject of stomach, as this will give you the best results.


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